NSA Eastern Region has Norfolk as its most northerly county and reaches all the way down to Essex, taking in Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Northampton and Suffolk on its way. NSA Eastern Region runs two ram sales each autumn, marketing top quality stock, and holds the NSA Eastern Region Winter Fair every other year. Details of this and other meetings and events can be found in the events section of this website.

Dan Phipps Dan Phipps Dan Phipps Regional Chairman Email: dphipps@darley.co.uk Tel: 07836 590996
Ewan Cumming Ewan Cumming Ewan Cumming Regional Vice Chairman Email: starden@greatgreenfarm.co.uk Tel: 01986 788439 / 07896 941645
Jonathan Barber Jonathan Barber Jonathan Barber Regional Manager/Treasurer Email: jonathan@charollaissheep.com Tel: 01953 607860