NSA Eastern Region Winter Fair

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Melton Mowbray Livestock market was a hive of activity on Friday (5th February) as NSA members, sheep farmers and allied industries came together for the NSA Eastern Region Winter Fair.

Although one of the smaller NSA events, organisers were in good spirits and delighted to welcome faces old and new. NSA Eastern Region Manager Jonathan Barber says: “A huge thanks must go to the range of trade and breed society stands which came out and supported the event on Friday. The friendly buzz in the atmosphere was clear to see, and it is always a joy to meet new people and renew friendships on occasions such as this.”

The seminar area proved a popular attraction for visitors throughout the day, as six topics were covered by a range of industry experts. Themes included best practise advice on how to tackle worms and fluke, as well as several informative discussions on industry requirements and an outlook from AHDB Beef & Lamb. Drawing the biggest crowd on the day was a demonstration of on-farm post-mortem techniques, led by Farm Veterinary Solutions.

Additional highlights included the stockjudging competition, in which Sam Crossland of Nottinghamshire was awarded first place. Geoff Waton, Northamptonshire, took second while M.J. Wallis of Peterborough came in third place. 

NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker says: “It’s always a pleasure be able to attend NSA regional events throughout the year, and the first of 2016 as the NSA Eastern Region Winter Fair did not disappoint. What was noticeable and somewhat encouraging as a representation of the sheep industry was the number of young people present on the day, I hope each and every one of them was able to leave the event with extra information to aid their studies or sheep farming enterprises as they progress through their careers.

“The wide range of trade and breed society stands must, as at all NSA events, be highly commended for their efforts. Many of which incorporated live demonstrations, which enabled visitors to see exactly how equipment could work for them in a practical situation.”

Full competition results:-

  • Outside trade stands: 1, Allflex- Ritchey Handling System; 2, Pharmweigh; 3, Gallagher Fencing.
  • Inside trade stands: 1, AHDB Beef & Lamb; 2, Advantage 3 in 1 Feeders; 3, Horner Shearing.
  • Breed society stands: 1, British Charollais Sheep Society; 2, Lleyn Sheep Society; Suffolk Sheep Society.
  • Stockjudging competition: 1, Sam Crossland; 2, Geoff Watson; 3, MJ Wallis.  

A full gallery of pictures from the event can be viewed here.


Experts from across the industry will be discussing some of the most topical questions in sheep farming today, offering practical information and advice that farmers can take back to their own businesses.

Seminars will include:

Lesley Stubbings, SCOPS

The routine use of highly effective anthelmintic wormers, combined with grazing management has controlled worms successfully in the majority of UK sheep flocks for nearly 40 years. However, with this reliance on chemical treatment comes a cost, that cost is the development of resistance (AR) to anthelmintic chemicals used. Well-known sheep specialist Lesley will outline how you should use wormers in the best way in your flock to prevent resistance and increase the performance of growing lambs.

Dr Philip Skuce, Moredun Institute

Described as the ‘fluke guru’ at the Moredun Insitute, Philip will deliver a practical and lively talk on the problems presented by liver fluke in the flock and how to tackle this parasite, as it becomes an increasing issue in the Eastern Region of the country. 

Steve Powdrill, AHDB: ‘Understanding Market Specifications’

It is important to know what the market requires and incidentally produce it. Steve will discuss how flooding the market with overweight and over fat lambs only damages the trade.

Mark Kozlowski, AHDB: ‘Lamb Industry Market Outlook’

Mark will cover the current situation in the lamb market, covering the price variations over 2015 with a few of the forecasts for 2016.

Mike Thorne, Veterinary Surgeon from Rutland Vets

Always a favourite with visitors, Mike Thorne veterinarian from Farm Veterinary Solutions, will demonstrate basic on-farm post-mortem technique and discuss some emerging sheep diseases in the East Midlands Region.

 Nerys Wright, AHDB: ‘Body Condition Scoring Ewes’

Nerys will explain the importance of Body Condition Scoring (BCS) ewes at key points throughout the year. It is useful for assessing the adequacy of the diet at key stages in the production cycle, such as weaning and tupping.

Information on Highlight's to follow. Please check back soon.

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3in1 Advantage Feeders

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Agrimin 24.7 Smartrace boluses for the mid pregnant ewe guaranteed supplementation through to peak lactation. 

T: 01652 688046

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AHDB Beef and Lamb

AHDB Beef and Lamb (formerly Eblex) Better Returns Programme (BRP) provides technical information for producers on selection, breeding, feeding, forage, health, fertility and costings. 

T:  024 7647 8834

E: brp@ahdb.org.uk

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Allflex Europe (UK) LTD

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A leading crop science company, everything you need to know about crop protection. 

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British Wool Marketing Board

A full range of panels showing current wool market situation and useful hints on wool management. 

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Caisley Eartags Ltd

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CCM Auctions

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Charollais Sheep Society Ltd

One of the top three UK terminal sires, renowned for quality carcasses, easy lambing and flexible marketing. 

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Clinwil Nutrition Services

Livestock nutritionists. Specialists in trace elements 

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Countrywide Country Stores offer equestrian clothing & equipment, farmer, smallholder & pet supplies.

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Dart Ltd

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EB Equipment Ltd

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Farm Veterinary Solutions

Specialists in providing veterinary advice and support to farmers and their livestock, including devising appropriate herd and flock health planning.  

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Melton Mowbray Market

Melton Mowbray Market holds Livestock Markets throughout the year on Tuesdays plus special breeding sheep sales during the year. 

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Modulamb Ltd

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National Sheep Association

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Agricultural suppliers.

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A welfare charity supporting farming families.

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Specialists in agricultural fencing equipment.

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Roxan ID

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Suffolk Sheep Society

Fastest growth terminal sire breed, reducing production costs and increasing profitability. Suffolk-cross females offer easier lambing and increased performance lambs. 

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Teeswater Sheep Breeders' Association

Teeswater sheep are good mothers, have a luxurious fleece and the rams make good crossing sires. 

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Information on Sponsors to follow. Please check back soon.