NSA Sheep Event

NSA Sheep 2016

NSA Sheep 2016 was a busy day of strong crowds and trade stands reporting a huge amount of business conducted. Highlights of the event on Wednesday 27th July included record attendance for the workshop programme, a newly created NSA Next Generation area, the four UK nations sweeping the board in the European Young Shepherd of the Year competition, and the announcement of NSA support for Love Lamb Week. Read a full report on the NSA Sheep 2016 here. NSA Sheep 2018 will be held Wednesday 18th July.

Find all the highlights and more information on what took place at the event in the NSA Sheep Event Guide and Farmers Guardian Official Preview.

NSA Sheep 2016 - Seminar - The Basic Payment Scheme, adding value or undermining out industry?
With NSA Sheep 2016 falling just a month after the EU referendum, the organising committee was set the challenge of inviting speakers on a seminar topic that would be relevant regardless of the decision made at the polls in June. Hear speakers from around the UK outline their very different opinions on the topic.
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