NSA Central and Eastern Region Young Shepherd Competition

Date: 25th September 2021

Location: Chatsworth, Dunsa Farm, Edensor, Bakewell DE45 1PH

NSA Central and Eastern Region Young Shepherd Competition is open to entries from young shepherds aged 26 years and under on 27 th  July 2022 and who live in the Central or Eastern Regions. There will be a prize of £50 for the highest placed 21 years and under on 27 th  July 2022. 

Prize money will be provided as follows:

1st £250 + trophy

2nd £100

3rd £50

4th £25

The winners and highest under 21 year olds will represent NSA Central and Eastern Regions in the final of the Young Shepherd of the Year at NSA Sheep 2022 at Malvern, 27 th  July 2022, where the first place prize is £1,000.


All competitors will be expected to be able to carry out five of the seven tasks listed below

  • Select Lambs for Slaughter
  • Belly Clip 3 store lambs
  • Give examples of their ATV handling skills
  • Give examples of correct foot care techniques / handling, vaccinating & dosing
  • Answer questions on flock management and health issues (This task is compulsory for all)
  • Ram MOT
  • Give examples of mobile electric fencing skills

Refreshments will be available with a Chatsworth catering van.

Trade stands, demonstrations and talks will take place throughout the day, including a fascinating talk and tour on Farming at Chatsworth, FEC practical demonstration, and regenerative sheep farming talks.

For further information contact James Bickerton Chairman of the Central Region and Event Organiser [email protected]      Tel:07721402802