NSA Eastern Region Rugby Ram Sale 2017

Date: 25th August 2017

Location: Rugby Farmers Mart, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RG

Top prices were up at the National Sheep Association’s early ram sale at Rugby Livestock Market. Leading the prices was the 1st prize pen of Texel shearling rams from Paul Castle from Ulmus, Washingley, Peterborough at 700 gns.  The further two rams in the prize-winning pen made 600 gns apiece to the same buyer R & J Miller. Next best went to regular vendor, Barbara Smith from Slapton Manor, Towcester; two of her Texel shearling rams sold for 600 gns to N K Butcher. 

The Champion Pen of Rams were Charollais shearling rams from Alan Thomas, Model Farm, Kimcote, Leicestershire. Buying the whole pen at 560 gns apiece was D Craddock. 

Mr Roots from Southam, Warwickshire had a good pen of 10 Beltex x Charollais shearling rams which sold to a top of 450 gns and finished on an average of £419. 

Top Suffolk price of 500 gns went to a shearling tup from Sheila Eggleston from Walton-on-the-Wolds, Leicestershire. 

Top priced ram lamb was 410 gns for a Charollais from John Williams, Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire.

Clearance rates were not as successful as in 2016, with many buyers possibly out on their combines as we had the first fine day for a while. 

Results in the show and sale were as follows:

Best group of 3 Charollais Shearling Rams:

1st     Alan Thomas – 560 gns

2nd    Seahawes – 470 gns

3rd    Shaun Simmons – 410 gns

Best Group of 3 Texel Shearling Rams:

1st     Paul Castle – 700 gns

2nd    Andrew Barnes – 540 gns

3rd    Barbara Smith – 600 gns

Best Group of 3 Any other breed rams

1st     Sheila Eggleston, Suffolk – 500 gns

2nd    Vernon Miller, Beltex – 400 gns

3rd    V J Roots, Beltex x Charollais – 450 gns

Overall Champion: Alan Thomas