Meat and Wool

Enjoy the products from UK Sheep farms

An amazing range of high quality products can be made from the resources sheep provide, from chump chops to woolly jumpers. Find out about sheep meat and wool here.

Buyers Guide to lamb:-

  • British Spring lamb is available in supermarkets, but the prime season is early summer through to autumn, as it the lamb has had time to grow and develop flavour.
  • Look for bones that are pink in colour; flesh that is bright, moist and brownish-pink; and fat that is firm, dry, slightly crumbly and not yellow.
  • Looking for the Red Tractor logo on lamb products on the supermarket shelf. This guarantees that it is British lamb, and also ensures top standards of traceability, food safety & hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection.
  • Find your nearest supermarket or restaurant stocking Red Tractor certified products:
  • Take part in Love Lamb Week, which has been running annually from 1st-7th September since 2015. Look out for ways to get involved in your local area:
  • Mutton is available all year around, but the best meat is produced from October to March due to the nutritious summer grass. Hebridean, Herdwick, Romney, Shetland, Southdown and Welsh Mountain are just some breeds of sheep with an historical reputation for producing delicious mutton.

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