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Leaflets and posters for promoting quality mutton

'Make More of Mutton' has produced a series of leaflets and posters (funded by AHDB Beef and Lamb/HCC/LMCNI) for use in promoting and retailing mutton.

The ten posters are shown in miniature on a composite sheet which can be downloaded from this page (see link below). Some sample posters are shown at the bottom of this page.
Printed copies of the individual posters in either A3 or A4 sizes, laminated if required, can be ordered via the contact page (see prices below).
Electonic versions of the posters will soon be available to download, but can currently be ordered, free of charge, via the contact page of this website.

Four leaflets are currently available. Electronic versions of all can be downloaded via the links below.
Background leaflet on the 'Make More of Mutton' initiative.
Retailers' Guide to Quality Mutton - this offers advice for retailers, including background history of mutton, butchery, and what to look for when selling quality mutton.
Consumers' Guide to Quality Mutton - a double-sided A5 leaflet which gives a range of advice to consumers when buying quality mutton.

Caterers' Guide to Quality Mutton - advice for caterers and restauraters on the use of mutton.

Printed copies of the Consumers' leaflet can be ordered via the Contact Page, with prices given below.

Electronic copies of posters and leaflets are free, but printed copies are charged at:

Posters (each): A4 - £1; A3 - £1.50.
Laminated posters add: A4 – 25p; A3 – 40p per poster.
Leaflets - Consumer Guide leaflets: £1 per 10 leaflets – double-sided A5.

Postage & packing - £3/order