NSA Sheep 2012 - Inward Mission Opportunity

13th April 2012

NSA Sheep 2012 – inward mission support

EBLEX is again kindly helping the sector's export initiatives by supporting inward missions to bring potential purchasers and industry leaders here to NSA Sheep 2012, at Malvern, on 4 July.

 BLG is again coordinating this activity for EBLEX. The support will cover internal travel & accommodation/meals.

As hosts, it's suggested breeders arrange associated visits to breeding units of their choice en route to or from Malvern to promote and, hopefully, to select from our breeding stock.  
Breed societies are invitied to pass this notice to their Export Clubs/proactive breeders
Those breed socoieties wishing to submit nominees should contact Caroline or Henry at BLG(contact details below) with some details: e.g. number of delegates, country of origin, reason for visit, approximate itinerary and anticipated budget.

Caroline Hadley, Henry Lewis
British Livestock Genetics Consortium Ltd
Tel: 07789 553 449
Email: [email protected]

 This is an excellent opportunity so please encourage your breed society members/export groups to make best possible use of it.