NSA echoes it’s no deal messages as MPs prepare to vote on the proposed Brexit deal

12th March 2019

As MPs are preparing to vote on the proposed Brexit deal once again, NSA is calling on MPs to consider the implications of voting down the deal, echoing its messages from the past months.

NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker comments: “After another few months, we find ourselves again hoping MPs will act in the best interests of our industry and many of the wider business interests of the country and support the deal which would prevent the serious implications of a no deal Brexit. Again, I would like to remind policy makers of the devastating impact losing market access and trading sheepmeat with the high tariffs applied, would have on sheep farmers in the UK.

“Just 17 days away we still have absolutely no idea of what position we’re going to be in. This is just unacceptable, and I implore politicians to stop the uncertainty and deliver something that allows industry, at the very least, a chance to brace itself. Six months ago, we were calling for the same thing and now here we are still without any answers."

NSA is again calling on Government to deliver on a no deal contingency plan, reiterating the calls it made in early October. Mr Stocker continues: “In early October NSA set out its plan for what it expected from Government to help prevent the projected damage that is still a very real possibility for us. We have called for public procurement of British produce, for an investment in cold storage, and for support to help sheep farmers offset the 40-50% tariffs we are looking at. This generated some very positive discussions, and we have some assurances that should help us, but we’ve yet to have in writing a plan for what happens on the 29th of this month without a deal being in place.

“The most important thing now is to offer all industries some kind of security. We need politicians to stop playing politics, and to start thinking about the damage recklessly taking a no deal Brexit will bring to the country.”

NSA is continuing to work hard to try and inform MPs of the true consequences for our industry if the worst-case scenario comes to fruition, something NSA believes is a very real possibility, and hopes MPs will consider the risk to an essential and ancient British industry.