NSA cautiously welcomes further Brexit extension

11th April 2019

NSA is cautiously embracing the news of a Brexit ‘flextention’ providing sheep farmers more certainty surrounding sheep meat sales this spring and summer, however it remains unhappy with the uncertainty floating over the sector. The extension will run for six months until the 31st of October, unless the UK comes up with another option and agrees it with the EU before then.

NSA Chairman Bryan Griffiths says: “We welcome that sheep farmers won’t be thrown into a no deal scenario this week. Its vital we have the EU markets available to sell our produce and this extended unfettered access, in which we won’t have to face tariffs this season, is greatly appreciated by the sheep industry.”

However, NSA is concerned that this could just be another six months of uncertainty for the industry, and could still result in a no deal outcome. Mr Griffiths continues: “What we can’t afford is to find ourselves six months down the line in the same position, risking a no deal again. We’re relying on our politicians now to come up with a viable solution which moves this process forward- and something that offers farmers the security they need. NSA is still very clear that a no deal is not acceptable to the sheep industry. But we hope this time will be used to develop a deal that’s beneficial and would allow the free trade so essential to our industry.”

With the clock reset to 203 days until Brexit, NSA will continue to push for a positive outcome for sheep farmers across the UK.