NSA and British Wool unite to bring positive messages to Scottish sheep farmers

5th November 2019

With almost weekly headlines claiming agriculture is responsible for many of the environmental and health problems facing todays population, the National Sheep Association (NSA) alongside supporters British Wool will counteract these arguments at a meeting in Forfar Livestock Market, Angus, this Thursday night (7th November).

The meeting, titled ‘Setting the sheep farming record straight’, will be open to all sheep farmers from across Scotland and will include discussions that explore facts and statistics about the UK sheep industry demonstrating the sector's role as part of the solution, rather than the cause, to arguments surrounding climate change in particular. The event will hear from three speakers, Eleanor Phipps, NSA, Laura Johnson, British Wool, and Alix Ritchie, QMS.

The event takes place as part of a series of honest and informative evening meetings to be held over the next few months across the length and width of the UK.

The meeting is free to attend and open to all involved in the sheep sector, whether an NSA member or not. Members of the press are invited to attend also. For further information please contact NSA Head Office on 01684 892661 or email [email protected] .