Recovery funding is a welcome start, says NSA Northern Ireland Region

1st July 2020

NSA Northern Ireland Region is welcoming the announcement of support money being delivered to different sectors in Northern Ireland, however, is calling for a reassessment for the sheep sector.

NSA Northern Ireland Regional Development Officer Edward Adamson comments: “We absolutely welcome this funding and its great to see the Government in Northern Ireland back and functioning and recognising the need for emergency support. However, we do believe this could go further for the sheep sector, as farmers have not just had issues with the price for meat, but also shearing.”

The Coronavirus situation has taken a toll on the wool price with markets for wool sales having been shut since February, and still not resumed to capacity. Mr Adamson adds: “This is bad news for sheep farmers, whose wool price barely covers shearing on a good year. This year they are taking a real hit but, naturally, still have to remove the wool from the sheep. Paying for shearers without having the wool price to take some of the hit will take a chunk out of farmers incomes meaning less investment elsewhere. We firmly believe this should be treated in the same way as any other product and should get Government support to balance out the industry.”