Win a book for Christmas!

18th November 2020

NSA is pleased to launch a competition to win one of six copies of farming-related books from Sue Andrews and Mary Griese. The competition will run from Thursday 19th November 2020 to Friday 4th December 2020. Participants must complete the online form here, including a short sentence on what they value about the UK's sheep industry in order to be entered into the competition.

NSA has kindly been provided two signed copies of each of Sue Andrews's books 'If Clouds Were Sheep' and 'Jumping Over Clouds', as well as two copies of Mary Griese's book 'Where Crows Would Die'. A summary of the books can be found below. 

If Clouds Were Sheep: Young mum and shepherdess Sue Andrews is working hard to make ends meet while she and husband Aubrey raise two small children on their busy farm in the Cotswolds. They have a growing reputation for breeding pedigree Texel sheep, but Sue also has a dream of her own ... She longs to breed and produce sports horses.

"An enchanting portrait of farming life, full of warmth and humour" - Katie Fforde
"What a fabulous read, a real insight into farming life and making your dreams come true, through hard work and determination, an inspiring read" - Amazon review
If Clouds Were Sheep is available to buy here or on Amazon for £8.99.

Jumping Over Clouds: Jumping Over Clouds is the humorous and beautifully captivating new memoir from Sue Andrews, in which Sue shares the secret of her own farming dream. Perfect for readers who enjoy true stories of animals and friendship on a small sheep farm in the Cotswolds. Sue says: "It tells the true story of how horses have influenced the course of my life. It also shares some of my own experiences with the sheep, the challenge I faced as a young farming mum raising two children in a remote corner of the Cotswolds, and the unexpected friendships I gained along the way as I and my family began Jumping Over Clouds."
Jumping Over Clouds is available to buy here or on Amazon for £8.99.

Where Crows Would Die: Mary Griese is well-known for her watercolour paintings of sheep and other livestock. Her first novel, Where Crows Would Die (Y Lolfa), is a bleak, unsettling psychological thriller which, similar to her artwork, is set in a rural location – the Black Mountain in Wales – during the 1960s and 1970s. Mary has won awards for her short stories and her work has been highly praised.

“You use language like paint... You're bloody good." - Beryl Bainbridge
Where Crows Would Die is available to buy here, at independent bookshops, or on Amazon for £8.99.

Full terms and conditions on the competition can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.