Disruption at Dover highlights importance of domestic lamb market

21st December 2020

With the coronavirus-linked ban on frieght moving across the English Channel, NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker comments: "The closure of the French ports is really disappointing and will affect a number of processors/exporters who had planned for a last push to get British lamb over to the continent before the end of the year – an important step for them to avoid the disruption expected from January when the UK leaves the EU. 

"The entire sheep sector has responded to calls to prepare for Brexit, and has been acutely aware of the probability of disruption to exports in the first weeks of 2021, but for the ‘cliff edge’ to have been brought forward by 10 days due to Covid-related closures is unexpected and frustrating. Export markets are highly important to the UK sheep sector but this, once again, shows the importance of investing in our domestic market. Whenever disruption occurs its our domestic market we rely on."