About NSA Next Generation

The sheep sector into the UK needs innovative, enthusiastic and professional young people coming through in order to survive.

NSA Next Generation is a programme that is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the sheep farmers and service providers of the future.

Through offering young people interested in the sheep industry opportunities to join ambassador schemes to helping them in securing work placements and employment  NSA Next Generation is helping the young shepherds of the future look forward positively and enthusiastically to a career in a sector that is crucial to UK livestock production.

What does NSA Next Generation provide for young people?

  • Discounted NSA membership - Those seeking to join NSA aged under 27 are entitled to half price membership, costing just £35.00. Find out more at www.nationalsheep.org.uk/membership.
  • Dedicated website
  • Lambing List placements
  • Next Generation Young Shepherd competitions
  • Events specifically for younger sheep farmers to attend - Find out more here.
  • NSA Next Generation ambassador programme - Find out more here.
  • NSA Travel bursary 
  • Provide advice, including an offer of mentors
  • Providing assistance for those seeking employment or work experience