Clover Crosse

31st March 2022


It’s mid-March and spring drilling is done except for 34ha of peas. We are hoping to test out a Sky Easy Drill, a versatile direct drill that we hope to use for the arable, grassland and cover crops/winter feed. With the recent spell of rain I have been busy processing logs to be sold next winter and training my sheepdog pup. He’s showing great promise, he’s keen but with a thoughtful head on his shoulders: watch this space! I am due to start lambing for a friend in 3 weeks which I am looking forward to, it will be a welcome break from spring tractor work.

I have also attended several sheep related webinars, the latest being a discussion on the Smart Sheep project, which I highly recommend watching. It demonstrated the power of EID technology to facilitate management decisions, particularly in relation to anthelmintic use. Although it seems that plenty of farmers are recording data, the webinar highlighted that not many seem to be using it to its full potential – sharing data sets with your sheep vet/advisor, for example, is a great first step to making better use of data. 


Lambing is coming to a close, with only the stragglers left. The weather has been very kind and lambs look well for it. Spring drilling is done and the spring barley which followed the sheep is looking tremendous. We had high expectations for the demonstrator seed drill we had in the spring but unfortunately we were not impressed with it. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some shearing in the next few months. 


I am making the most of a quiet period on the arable side and I am doing some shearing for a local contractor and some shepherding for other people. My sheepdog pup, Goose, is nearly ready to start more formal training and I am enjoying watching his progress, hopefully he turns out to be handy! Last week was our second NSA delivery session, the supply chain directly impacts every single one of us and rarely do you get to have such a detailed look around like we did.