Katie Evans

1st April 2022


We have just finished the main lambing here at Stonehouse Farm. Everything is lambed extensively apart from the triplets who we lamb inside. The lleyns lamb in small blocks for ease of performance recording, every lamb is tagged and weighed at birth. This year we have paid extra attention to colostrum management and hygiene, using a refractometer to assess colostrum quality. Lambing has gone well and I’m currently enjoying a quieter couple of weeks before the ewe lambs and Hebrideans start lambing in April. 


NSA Next Generation Ambassador Katie Evans shares this video of unloading ewes and lambs

Now lambing has finished its time to move the ewes and lambs!


May has been a busy month with Lleyn eight week weights and tagging and tailing all the cross bred and Hebridean lambs.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a British Wool Board shearing course which was a great experience and I’m looking forward to putting the training into practice.

We also had our second ambassador meeting which was a great opportunity to catch up with the other ambassadors post lambing and learn more about the UK sheep supply chain. Particular highlights of the trip for me were the tour of Marc Jones’ sheep and beef farm and the visit to Farmers Fresh. I look forward to the next meeting in July!


This seasons Lleyn lambs are performing very well considering how dry it is here in the East. Frequent weights on the XR5000 allow us to make judgements based on daily live weight gain. DLWG combined with mob FEC samples gives an indication of worm burden allowing us to use anthelmintics in a targeted and sustainable way. The majority of the male lambs are on target to be finished straight off their mothers in time for the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha. High EBV ram lambs have been marked up to retain for breeding.

I recently attended Groundswell which is an amazing show and I would highly recommend it if you have never been. I also attended an NSA farm tour of the Sandringham Estate, it’s an impressive set up with a lot of history!