Perry Parkinson

1st April 2022


Well, how do I describe the start of March? A tornado of lambs doesn’t even cut it! Within the first 10 days of March, I was three quarters of the way through my lambing which was both great but also a struggle. I should probably add that my litter of Labrador pups arriving the same night I started lambing didn’t exactly help matters! Thankfully the weather has been on my side for the most part, allowing for ewes and lambs to be turned out after 24 hours. I’ve found myself using the refractometer more and more, and almost becoming addicted to seeing that magic blue line hitting that 30+.

Another focus on this year's lambing was the arrival of my first Primera lambs. After buying 3 elite Primera tups through Innovis back in the autumn, its been a very long wait to see lambs on the ground and I can tell you now that I certainly haven’t been disappointed! Between easy lambing and nice stretchy lambs, I’ll 1000% be sticking to the primeras from now on.  

Alongside lambing I’ve been filming for channel 5’s ‘spring time on the farm’, which for someone who hates the sound of their own voice, wasn’t easy as you’ll probably appreciate. I’ve now got a whole new appreciation for vloggers! Now I’m just anxiously waiting on the last 40 ewes to lamb before the highlanders start outside in mid April…wish me luck!