Erinna Rogers

2nd December 2020

Update - December 2020

Following my last update in the October / November edition of Sheep Farmer we have experienced an extremely wet autumn in the Cambrian Mountains, affecting the sheep and ground conditions considerably this year. With ongoing Covid restrictions we have been fortunate that local markets and abattoirs have been able to continue trading ensuring sales of breeding stock, store and finished lambs could continue.

Who knows what 2021 will bring but I am sure we are all hoping that something more positive can come out of these uncertain times.

Update - April 2021

It's been a busy few weeks at home in the heart of mid Wales bringing all the ewes back from tack after winter grazing ready for lambing.

Now the ewes are home they will be separated into singles and twin groups. We do this as it makes it easier for marking ewes and lambs and getting them ready to return them to the open hill once they have lambed where they will freely graze whilst the ewe teaches the lamb it's heft. 

FIngers crossed for a successful lambing and for the weather to be on ours side!