NSA Next Generation Ambassadors

A vital part of NSA Next Generation is our Ambassador Group – a group of up to 12 people selected to take part in technical and personal development. Successful applicants are invited to partake in delivery sessions spread through a year, and subsequently develop a longstanding relationship with NSA that sees them become active members in their region. With ambassadors selected from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the initiative provides the opportunity to meet likeminded people throughout the UK, as well as key people within the sheep sector.

The 2020 Ambassador group, which was massively disrupted due to Covid-19, is continuing its delivery sessions in 2021. Applications for a 2022 Ambassador group will open in late autumn 2021. What this space for updates.

The five delivery sessions provided for NSA Next Generation Ambassadors are a mix of classroom activities, practical sessions, farm walks and site visits. They challenge the group to think objectively about their own businesses and the wider farming industry. Each session is two or three days long and is provided at no charge to the successful applicants. Topics covered in previous years have included:-

  • Grassland management, sheep nutrition and body condition scoring
  • Performance recording and understanding EBVs
  • Market intelligence, lamb marketing options and specifications
  • Health planning
  • Measuring and driving on-farm efficiency and profitability
  • Accounts/financial management
  • Managing grazing agreements, rental opportunities and tenancies
  • Options for share farming agreements
  • Anthelmintic resistance
  • Sheep handling
  • ATV driving and maintenance
  • Branding and promotion
  • Wool processing
  • Time management, negotiation skills and leadership skills
  • Promoting the industry and inspiring the next generation
  • Media training

Being a NSA Next Generation Ambassador is about strengthening the sheep sector as a whole, as well as developing individual's skills, and so ambassadors are encouraged to also share their experiences with others – this may be joining an NSA regional committee, speaking at farmer meetings, taking on a role within the farming community or getting involved in organising an event.


The 2020 2021 Next Generation Ambassador Group
The 2020 2021 Next Generation Ambassador Group
The 2018 Next Generation Ambassador Group.
The 2018 Next Generation Ambassador Group.
The 2017 Next Generation Ambassador Group
The 2017 Next Generation Ambassador Group
The 2016 Next Generation Ambassador Group.
The 2016 Next Generation Ambassador Group.