NSA Next Generation Group 2022

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NSA is excited to invite applications for the 2022 NSA Next Generation Ambassador group. We are looking for young people with a passion for the sheep sector. They must be actively farming and/or employed in a hands-on role with sheep, be interested in the wider industry, and be keen to gain new skills in practical husbandry, business management and promotion of sheep farming.

The NSA initiative is aimed at people with a desire to develop their own business/career and to learn to be a positive ambassador for the sector. You must be aged 20-34 on Friday 31st December 2021, have a full driving licence (and access to a vehicle) and be able to spend approximately two weeks away from home (Split into two/ three day blocks). Find out more about the programme here.

Please complete the online form and application questions by 5pm, Friday 10th December 2021. Please note, a photograph of yourself is required alongside your application. If you would rather submit a video application rather than written please email [email protected] for details.

All applicants will be notified of whether they have made it to the next stage of the application process. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a selection interview, via teleconference/skype/Facetime in early 2022. Up to 12 applicants will be selected for the NSA Next Generation Ambassador Group 2022 and it is NSA’s intention is to select at least one applicant per NSA region.

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It is not a requirement that you are an NSA member to apply, but if you are, please provide you membership number here.
I have a full driving licence *
I understand that if I am selected as an NSA Next Generation Ambassador I am committing to spending around 13 days per year away from home to attend five delivery sessions. *
I understand that applying to be an NSA Next Generation Ambassador is a longer-term commitment that just the delivery sessions in 2022, I understand I won't just be an Ambassador for one year but am committed to sharing my experiences with others and maintaining involvement in NSA in the future. *
What is your current involvement in the sheep sector? 300 Words *
Where do you see yourself within the sheep sector in five years' time? What would you like to have achieved and what targets have you set? 400 Words *
What will the wider UK sheep industry look like in five years’ time? Which single issue currently being discussed (e.g. climate change, trade deals, post-Brexit farm support, animal health/welfare, red meat consumption) will have the biggest impact? 400 Words *
Thinking about the things that sheep farmers can control within their flocks, what three things do you think successful flockmasters should focus on and why? 300 Words *
Being an NSA Next Generation Ambassador is a commitment – a minimum of 12 days away from home in 2022 and longer-term involvement in NSA after that. If you are selected, how will you organise your time and work/life balance to ensure you can fully utilise the opportunity both in the short-term and once the programme has finished? 250 Words *
How does NSA support the UK sheep sector and how will you get involved in NSA as a Next Generation Ambassador? 250 Words *
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