Lambing Work Experience

As part of NSA's support for the next generation of sheep farmers and large animal vets, each year we collate a list of NSA members looking for help at lambing time. These sheep farmers are able to offer work experience placements to veterinary and agricultural students to form the NSA Lambing List on this page.

The list for the 2017/18 lambing season has now closed; the 2018/19 list will be posted here in the autumn. If you would like to be notified when the list goes live, please fill in the form below.

If you are a sheep farmer and would like to place an advert on the 2018/19 NSA Lambing List, please keep an eye on Sheep Farmer magazine and the NSA Weekly Email Update where notifications will be posted with details of when it will go live in the autumn. If you are not currently an NSA member and do not receive these communications, please see for information on joining NSA.

Fill in your details below to be notified when the NSA Lambing List 2018/19 goes live.

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