NSA and RoSA

The Register of Sheep Advisors (RoSA) is a service through which experts working with sheep farmers can gain recognition – and the sheep farmers receiving advice from those experts can be assured of its quality.

NSA supports the concept of RoSA because farm advice looks set to become part of future farm support schemes and there is a risk to individual farmers and the wider industry if there is no register or CPD structure for people offering that advice.

NSA does not support any steps to make farm advice compulsory, but does believe sheep producers should be able to check the quality of any advice they chose to access, and be assured that it comes with specific knowledge of sheep systems.

RoSA is a joint initiative between Basis and NSA and will open for applications on 1st June 2021. To express an interest in the meantime (either as an advisor wanting to become registered or as a trainer wanting to apply RoSA points to training events), please email [email protected].

Register of Sheep Advisors