Schedule and Rules - 2023


 Builth Wells  MONDAY August 7th  August, 2023

(Subject to DEFRA Regulations)

notes to vendors

  1. All official entry forms for sheep intended to be brought forward for sale must be lodged with the Auctioneer of your choice byt 5th July, 2023 All sheep must be the property of the vendor at the time of entry.
  2. Vendors must nominate one auctioneer per breed.
  1. The Auctioneers will be held responsible for the payment of all entry money, the rates for  are as follows:  £12 + VAT  per entry . THE SALE IS RESTRICTED TO CURRENT PAID UP NSA MEMBERS ONLY.
  1. GDPR. Your NSA membership application is a contractual agreement between individual members of the public and NSA. In addition to this, a membership subscription is charged to each individual member, demonstrating a financial agreement between the two parties. The contractual agreement (and financial exchange) serves to satisfy Article 6 of the EU GDPR, “ Lawfullness of processing” (Para 1b) and Schedule 2 (para 2a) of DPA.
  1. Each vendor shall have a maximum of 30 rams in a run, unless subject to a breed society rule.  Runs will not be split.
  1. No vendor may enter more than 20 females/per breed. All females must be pedigree registered sheep, and only offered within a Breed Society Official Sale.
  1. All sheep will be sold in guineas (£1.05). Commission will be charged at 5% on all sheep sold. Sheep sold through official breed society sales may be subject to a levy fixed by that society. There will be no Buyers Premium.
  1. The Committee reserves the right :-
    1. To restrict the number of sheep entered by any vendor
    2. To refuse entries at their discretion should they deem it necessary.
    3. The Ram Sale Committee reserves the right to bar from selling, either in person or through a nominee or agent, any vendor, who, in the opinion of the RSC contravenes or has contravened any of the Committee’s Rules.
  1. Entries for the Early Ram Sale will be restricted to those breeds normally used for Prime Lamb production, together with Dairy breeds.  Entries for the Official Welsh Sales of the following breeds are sold subject to the appropriate Breed Society or Breed Club Rules and also the Bylaws of the Wales & Border Ram Sale Committee:  Berrichon,  Charollais, Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset, Hampshire Down, Oxford Down, Southdown and Texel.
  1. All vendors shall be responsible for their sheep until 1 hour after the close of sale in the ring in which they were sold, or until the sheep have been handed over to the purchaser to the satisfaction of the vendor, whichever is the sooner.  IF PURCHASERS HAVE NOT CLAIMED SHEEP BY THE ABOVE TIMES, VENDORS MUST INFORM EITHER THE AUCTIONEER OR THE RAM SALE OFFICIALS.
  1. Covered accommodation is available for sheep overnight.
  1. Vendors and buyers who require overnight accommodation on the showground  should contact Neuadd Henllan direct Tel: 01982 552116. A list of hotels and guesthouses is available on the web site or on request from the Secretary.
  1. Limited catering will be available from late afternoon on Sunday 6th August
  1. Final instructions will include the latest bio-security/licensing requirements from DEFRA.

14.         General Data Protection Regulations (May 2018). The full privacy policy is available on the NSA website and if you have an queries as to how we use your data, please contact Data Protection at The Sheep Centre, Malvern, Worcestershire WR13 6PH or email

Vendors are responsible for obtaining the correct documentation for bringing sheep to the sale. The Holding number of the NSA Sale area is 52/216/8003.


  1. All sheep will be sold subject to an inspection. Inspectors will be appointed either by the Committee or by the relevant breed society.  This inspection is of a physical nature and must not be construed as being of a veterinary nature.

Vendors should note that any entries which on inspection are found showing lesions suggestive of Caseous Lymphadenitis (CLA) will not be allowed forward for sale and that animal must be removed from the sale pen immediately.

Fertility cannot be covered by inspection. It is the responsibility of the vendors to ensure that sheep presented for sale are:

1.1 Not lame and apparently free from all obvious signs of contagious or infectious diseases, e.g. white discharge from the nose or eyes, skin diseases.

1.2 Not of sub-standard conformation, and presented in good condition according to that breed.

1.3 Mouth:

No sheep to be presented for sale with more than 6 broad teeth, except in Society Sales.

The teeth should be touching the dental pad in such a way as to give an effective bite at the tip of the teeth.

1.4 RAMS -Testicles:

The testicles should be more or less the same size

Testicular size should be appropriate for the age and breed of the ram

The testicles should be fully descended into the scrotum

The testicles should be free from palpable lumps/swellings

1.5 EWES

Females must be correct in mouth and udder

Complaints under 1.1 must be notified within 48 hours; Complaints under 1.4 must be notified within 7 days. All complaints must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate, and be addressed to either the Ram Sale Committee Chairman, the Secretary or the Auctioneer.

All sheep rejected by the panel may be marked with a red  stripe on the back and are excluded from the sale. Rejected sheep must be removed from the sale pens.

The Committee accepts a variable standard. It is up to the purchasers to satisfy themselves that the sheep they buy are of the standard they require.  


  1. NO COMPLAINT OF WHATEVER NATURE WILL BE CONSIDERED AFTER 1ST DECEMBER, 2023.  The purchaser shall have no rights to claim damages from the vendor, in respect of indirect or consequential loss such as (but not limited to) loss of profit or any other loss whatsoever.
  1. Each lot of sheep shall be sold in the ring fixed by the Committee, and in order of ballot, and in that ring only, and the Auctioneer responsible for such a lot and the vendor thereof shall be bound to see that the rule is applied.
  1. Each entry must be in the sale pen in the section to which it belongs, as the last sheep of the preceding lot shall have been disposed.  Any lots that may not be ready in the sale pens when their turn for selling arrives, will not be allowed to come forward until the others in that section have been disposed of.
  1. All entries must be identified by their catalogue number by means of a clearly marked paint brand on the back or face, unless otherwise agreed with the relevant breed society. No animals shall be allowed into the sale ring unless its catalogue number is clearly visible. In addition all sheep will be required to be identified in accordance with The Sheep & Goats (Records, Identification & Movement) (England) & (Wales) latest regulation.
  1. Any party infringing these rules shall be liable to a penalty determined by the Committee and for any loss and damage, which may be sustained, and furthermore the Committee is empowered to refuse entries from any vendor breaching these rules.  The Committee reserves the right in very exceptional circumstances to reposition vendors wrongly catalogued. The Committee’s decision is final
  1. Unsold sheep may be re-offered at the discretion of the Committee. This applies only to the first 20 sheep or the first two vendors, whichever is the greater, and they can only  re-offered at the end of the sale in that ring and not at the end of an auctioneers run. The exception to this rule is where there are mixed breeds and then it must be at the end of that particular breed. No sheep shall be sold on the Showground by Private Treaty other than those that have been offered for sale in the ring. All sheep sold by Private Treaty after leaving the ring must be booked through the Auctioneer and the appropriate commission paid
  2. There will be no provision for in-lamb ewes.
  • All MV accredited stock entering the approved section must be accompanied by a SAC valid certificate of status
  • Care must be taken by the Vendor and Purchaser not to infringe the MV Rules and Regulations. Whilst every care will be taken by the Ram Sale Committee and the Auctioneers, they cannot take responsibility for any infringement, carelessness or consequences there from.
  1. It is recommended that sheep are treated with a scab approved product at least two weeks prior to the sale. To comply with Health & Safety Regulations the use of any substance containing toxic chemicals including sheep dips to prepare sheep for showing/sale, whilst on the sale site is strictly forbidden. The Ram Sale Committee reserve the right to make any checks that it feels necessary.
  2.  Loss or damage: - The Committee accept no responsibility whatever for loss, injury or damage to any person.

For further information please contact:   Mrs. Jane Smith, Executive Director

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