NSA Wales & Border Early Sale Exceeds Expectations

2nd August 2022

The best tups sold well in a sale that defied fears over rising costs and slipping lamb prices. The NSA
Wales & Border Early Sale saw a top price of 1700 guineas for a Charollais ram, a yearling Texel sold for
1600 guineas and a Suffolk for 850 guineas.
A total of 243 sheep sold, 73 % of the number forward, and turnover was up nearly £10,000 on last year
at £151,322.85, with the top price a hundred guineas up on last year. The 2021 total was £141,970 with
211 rams sold and the top price was 1600 guineas. Buyers were again this year keen to bid on top
quality sheep.
NSA Wales & Border Chairman Graham Jones was pleased with the day’s trading. He said good sheep
had sold well, although he had sensed a little apprehension over lamb prices having slipped slightly in
recent weeks.
He said: “As long as sheep had a good shape and a bit of power, they seemed to have been selling and
on the whole it was a pretty good trade. I think people have been selective and I fancy sheep haven’t
been quite as forward as they might have been in other years – possibly the price of feed and the grass
situation, which wouldn’t have helped.
“But good sheep were selling. The bottom end wasn’t there. Also if we’re talking about early lambing,
we’re talking about bigger, stronger ewes so we’re looking for bigger, stronger rams and the smaller
ones don’t actually fit the bill.
“On the whole though most people are happy and it was very satisfactory.”
The highest priced ram was a shearling, from Colin Bowen’s Gwyndy Flock, Pembrokeshire. Mr Bowen
said he was out of Wernfawr Vinnie and was very powerful, having shown star quality from the day he
was born.
It sold to Gareth Bickerton who runs the Lleiriog Flock of pedigree Charolais at Lloran Uchaf, Llansilin,
near Oswestry. He described the tup as a ‘damn good all round tup, with plenty of power and bone
combined with a good carcass and good skin’.
The 1600 guinea Texel was a shearling from Robert and Nesta Watkins’ Corras flock. Corras Elmo was
out of Clun Captain and took first prize and reserve champion in the pre sale show. It sold to RA Williams
of Laugharne.
Robert Watkins was pleased: “It’s been a sticky sale, with people only going for the best. But a good ram
is your cheapest input in a time when costs are affecting everything.”
The highest priced Suffolk went for 850 guineas and was sold by Paul Curran who farms with his father
David and partner Ally at Talgarth. He was pleased with the day’s trading, and sold 15 out of the 20 tups
he brought.
His Charollais ram lamb sold for the highest price of 1,000 guineas, having won first prize in its class and
reserve overall champion. He also had the first prize for a pen of Charollais ram lambs.
The overall Texel championship went to a shearling ewe from Vaughan Farms Ltd. It sold for 1100
guineas. James Vaughan said it was their first Early Sale and his sons, 9 year old Henry and 7 year old
Fred, were clearly delighted.

A total of 81 shearling rams sold to an average £635.44, 28 ram lambs to £486.75 and seven shearling
ewes to £448.50.
There was a total of 69 Texel shearling rams sold, with an average £774.18. Three shearling ewes sold to
an average £770. Seven Suffolk rams sold to an average £667.50, four Suffolk cross rams at £588, three
Dutch Spotted at £385, with a top price of 500 guineas, eight Beltex to an average £795.38, with a top
price of 1,000 guineas, 11 Texel X to £698.73 with a top price of 850 guineas, one Charollais X at 780
guineas. The 21 recipient ewes averaged £22 with a top price of 202 guineas.
The Overall Supreme Charollais Championship went to a shearling ram from Adrian Davies and his wife
Rhian’s Glyncoch flock and later sold for 1300 guineas. The Texel Champion was a yearling ewe from
Vaughans Farms and sold for 1100 guineas.
Fifteen of the recipient MV accredited Suffolk ewes from Jonathan and Janet Corbett sold for 200
guineas and 202 guineas to Gethin Mathias of Buarth yr Oen, Pumpsaint. He will use them for the
pedigree Beltex ewes he’ll flush in October. He praised the convenience of being able to buy and sell on
the same day, having sold two Beltex rams for 500 guineas and 400 guineas.
Note: The NSA Wales & Border Main Sale will take place at the Royal Welsh Showground on Monday 19 th
September 2022.