NSA Wales & Border Ram Sales Go Ahead

21st June 2021

Eager sheep farmers can look forward to the NSA Wales & Border Ram Sales much as they’ve always known them in August and September this year. There will be masks, sanitisers and other Covid protocols, but for the thousands of rams assembled at the Royal Welsh Showground, little will have changed.

Buyers at the Early Sale on Monday 2nd August will for the first time have the opportunity of buying teaser rams and MV recipient ewes. The latter section will be open to any breed or cross ewe and sold in lots of two, three or five with a £5 per head entry fee.

The popular free Tup Taxi service will be further speeded up, with buyers issued with tickets as they park. This will make it easier to find the buyer’s vehicle and reduce any delay, especially at the Main Sale.

Sheep won’t be inspected before the sale this year as a further precaution against Covid. However the schedule and catalogue will reflect the auctioneer’s warranty and vendors will be expected to maintain the sales’ valued high standards. Breed societies can, if desired, undertake inspections at their own cost.

Catering will be available from several mobile units. Seated catering won’t be an option this year, because of the Covid regulations.

The sales will take place at the Royal Welsh Showground on 2nd August and 20th September this year.