Ram Management Guide

11th February 2015

Care of your purchase

Ram purchase is not a cost - it is an investment in your sheep business. The rams at this sale have been inspected, but how the ram performs is now up to you - the purchaser.

If possible buy your rams well before you need to use them so that they can have a quarantine period before joining your flock. It is probable that they will have received supplementary feeding prior to the sale so your rams should continue to maintain a reasonable plane of nutrition.

Current best practice would be for the use of quarantine treatment for worms using a product to which there is no resistance & then keep the ram isolated for the recommended period. For more information go to http://www.scops.org.uk/

When you turn your rams in with the ewes be sure to either use a raddle & harness or some form of mark which you should change after 17days. If you have ewes returning you will be in plenty of time to addres the problem. Dont wait unitl you scan your ewes to find out things have not got as planned.