About NSA Scotland

The aim of NSA Scotland, the Scottish Region of the National Sheep Association, is to work with the national organisation to represent the views and interests of sheep producers. NSA is funded by its membership of sheep farmers and its activities involve it in every aspect of the sheep industry.

NSA is a grassroots organisation and office holders are predominantly active sheep farmers with working knowledge of the realities of running a sheep farming business. The current Chairman is John Fyall of Aberdeenshire, and Vice Chairman Kathy Peebles.

Specifically for NSA members in Scotland, the NSA Scottish Region aims to:

  1. Complement the work of the national organisation by promoting and protecting the interests of sheep farmers in Scotland.
  2. Facilitate the flow of ideas from sheep farmers in Scotland throughout the NSA Scotland and NSA structure, to ensure messages delivered to Scottish Government and other influential bodies represents the views of grassroots farmers.
  3. Communicate and negotiate with the Scottish Government and other organisations on legislative and regulatory procedures.
  4. Maintain a local network for NSA members in Scotland and represent NSA Scotland at events in keeping with the objectives of the association.
  5. Keep NSA members in Scotland informed on NSA activities and other industry news.

NSA Scotland Contacts

John D Fyall John D Fyall John D Fyall Chairman Email: [email protected] Mob: 07837 291258
Kathy Peebles Kathy Peebles Kathy Peebles Vice Chairman Email: [email protected] Mob: 07494 408240
Maimie Paterson Maimie Paterson Maimie Paterson Treasurer Email: [email protected] Tel: 01786 823129
Sybil MacPherson Sybil MacPherson Sybil MacPherson Immediate Past Chairman Email: [email protected] Tel: 01838 200218 Mob: 07796 018528
George Milne George Milne George Milne Regional Development Officer Email: [email protected] Tel: 01334 472403 Mob: 07496 979802
Euan Emslie Euan Emslie Euan Emslie Secretariat & Events Organiser Email: [email protected] Tel: 01430 441870 Mob: 07718 908523
NSA Head Office NSA Head Office NSA Head Office For general and membership enquiries Email: [email protected] Tel: 01684 892661