NSA and Moredun webinar: Tick tock, don’t let time run out with ticks

7th July 2022

Missed to catch the NSA and Moredun webinar? Watch it back now.

Tick tock, don’t let time run out with ticks!

Dr Mara Rocchi, Moredun and Matt Colston, Elanco, cover the highly topical subject of ticks, tick borne disease and the control of these in sheep flocks. The speakers include updates and practical information on the spread of ticks and the diseases they transmit, as well as focussing on available diagnostics, sustainable control and practical management options for sheep farmers.

Topics to be covered:

  • Biology of the tick 
  • Surveillance (tick distribution) 
  • Tick born disease 
  • How to control 
  • Avoidance/management strategies 
  • Vaccine production/development?
  • Q&A

Chair: Peter Myles

Speakers: Dr Mara Rocchi, Moredun and Mathew Colston, Elanco