NSA Breakfast Club - #LeadOn: an early morning focus on the current legislation around sheep worrying by dogs and the potential for change

5th May 2021

Time: 8.30am

Location: Online - zoom webinar

This NSA Breakfast Club webinar will take place within NSA's Sheep Worrying Fortnight running between 30th April - 13th May 2021. 

The webinar will open with a detailed summary of NSA's 2021 Sheep Worrying Survey results by NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker. The session will then move on to consider current legislation across the UK and the potential for future change. NSA Scottish Region Coordinator Grace Reid will provide an overview of the recent change in Scottish legislation and why it was necessary to update a 67-year-old law, and Marisa Heath of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare will consider the potential for legislation changes in England and Wales within ongoing work to address the issue. 

There will be plenty of time for Q&A's and discussion in the session, so attendees are encouraged to submit questions to the panellists.