NSA Breakfast Club - One piece of the global puzzle: the lowdown on what COP26 means for UK sheep farming

3rd November 2021

Time: 8.30am

Location: Online - zoom webinar

As the COP26 conference is in full swing, we will look at what the outcomes of the conference will mean for UK sheep farming. The November NSA Breakfast Club webinar seeks to answer questions such as: what more can reasonably be done to recognise sheep farming as part of the solution to climate change? How might British sheep farming look in 20 years' time? 

There has been much talk on how agriculture, diets, and land management has a critical role to play in managing global warming. In the UK, discussions are ongoing about how farming and land management should adapt to reach Net Zero targets. As the host country the UK government will want to be seen to achieve leading and measurable objectives, and we can expect this to drive significant change in agricultural land use.

NSA Chairman Dan Phipps will be joined by Claire Taylor from The Scottish Farmer and Professor Piers Forster from Leeds University. Register to attend at the link above.