NSA Scottish Region urges caution surrounding convergence funding

16th October 2019

NSA Scottish Region Chairman Jen Craig is urging members and the wider industry to consider exercising caution when it comes to the convergence funding announcement.

Miss Craig comments: “Whilst the decision to repatriate the money to Scotland is most welcome, I would urge caution in the face of what seems to be a developing tension within the industry. The money has been promised in April 2020 but as we’re all aware the political landscape may change dramatically in that time and there’s no guarantee in the event of a major shift that the money would still come.”

As things stand now the LFASS funding, which is vital to the Scottish sheep industry, is being cut in increments over the next three years and there is no alternative in place at the end of the ‘parachute system’.

Should there be a transition to a new support scheme, the Scottish sheep industry could potentially be left with 20% of the current LFASS budget to work with in formulating a new scheme.

Miss Craig adds: “Whilst the convergence funding would provide a much-needed uplift to business’ it is a one-off payment and we mustn’t allow the debate surrounding it to cause tension and division within the industry or to overshadow the need to continue to lobby for the future support for LFA areas in Scotland.”