Regenerative farming Vs Rewilding? NSA ready to debate the issue

12th February 2021

Continuing the success of its previous four Wednesday morning webinars the National Sheep Association (NSA) is next week looking forward to attracting another questioning audience for the next in its Breakfast Club series.

NSA is delighted to welcome Chairman of Natural England Tony Juniper and Natural England Head of Agriculture, Geoff Sansome, for an interesting breakfast discussion at the webinar on Wednesday 17th February titled ‘Regenerative farming Vs Rewilding: An early morning discussion on sheep in the environment’.

Covering an issue of such current relevance the webinar will also feature NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker, NSA Chairman Dan Phipps and NSA Northern Region Chairman Thomas Carrick for a broad discussion on balancing productivity and environment, landscape recovery implementation, rewilding, species re-introduction, and how these all of these issues could impact UK sheep farmers.

NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker comments: “We are really looking forward to welcoming Tony and Geoff to this breakfast club discussion. It is a great opportunity to hear what they have to say and hopefully to impress on them that sheep farming, environmental land management, and wildlife are already living well alongside each other. Regenerative farming is the buzz word at the moment and while there are always further gains we can make, it’s what much of our sheep farming has been about for a long time. Britain’s reputation as a pastoral country and a ‘green and pleasant land’ hasn’t happened by accident but is the outcome of hundreds and in some cases thousands of years of livestock grazing, and I for one don’t want to see that lost”.

Interested parties wishing to register for the Breakfast Club webinar or find out more about upcoming webinars should visit the NSA website here.

Those wishing to attend are also encouraged to submit questions in advance of the webinar to  [email protected] to allow for useful discussion during the session on such a divisive topic. The Q&A function will also be available throughout the webinar.

Tony Juniper (left) and Geoff Sansome (right)
Tony Juniper (left) and Geoff Sansome (right)