Scottish Government Consultation - FAWC Opinion on the Welfare of Animals during Transport

19th February 2021

All NSA Scotland members are reminded of the closing date (Friday 26th February 2021) to the upcoming Scottish Government’s consultation on the Farm Animal Welfare Committee – Opinion on the Welfare of Animals during Transport.

NSA Scotland wholly encourages all members to participate in this consultation, given the severity of some of the measures included within this report. Please help us to ensure a true representation is provided of the Scottish and wider devolved nation livestock industry practices which will be severely implicated should these damaging recommendations be brought into force. Animal welfare and associated controls are very stringent in Scotland and the assurance schemes are the backbone of this. Your personal examples and emphasis of key issues to your farming business will pave the way in addressing the severe lack of evidence base which currently exists. With so many of the proposed changes seemingly based on limited evidence, NSA Scotland is requesting more research and evidence gathering before any radical decisions are made by Scottish Government.  

You can access and respond to this consultation online here: