Anthrax outbreak impact on sheep movements

6th November 2015

NSA understands that a second case of anthrax in a cow was confirmed on a Wiltshire farm last week, subsequently resulting in a 50km zone being placed around the holding. 

A list of CPH numbers of holdings within the 50km has been produced.

Inside the 50km zone: NSA’s advice for members is to speak to your livestock market or lamb buyer for more information before presenting sheep for sale in the first instance, if you think you may be impacted by the zone restrictions.

In order to identify lambs which have been within the restriction zone, the method of marking has been agreed as a purple cross on the shoulder and a stripe down the spine; but speak to your outlet before marking any stock you want to sell.

NSA is also aware that some numbers recognised as being within the restriction zone are, in reality, outside. NSA has copy of the CPH numbers which members can request by emailing [email protected] Anyone affected by this can request exemption certificates from:

APHA Carlise on 03000 200 301.

Then follow the options by keying in the number sequence below:

1. (APHA 3) 2. (International Trade) 1. (Other Exports) 1. (Products)

Outside the 50km restriction zone: A declaration form, developed largely by LAA and AIMS, has been agreed by Defra and the Animal Plant Health Agency (APHA) to allow farmers to declare animals presented for sale, through livestock markets or directly to abattoirs, have not been within the restriction zone for the previous 20 days. Livestock markets and abattoirs will have these forms available, alternatively NSA members can request a copy by emailing [email protected] 

This will impact all regions of the UK, even those which are some distance from the restriction zone, and will allow skins and hides declared as outside the 50km zone to continue to be sold as normal while those within it (or undeclared) will be marked and subsequently segregated.

These controls don’t affect meat, although many abattoirs and processors may be asking for declarations or evidence that sheep have not come from within the 50km zone, due to issues around separation and avoidance of risk relating to skins and hides which are destined for China.

For any other queries relating to the outbreak please contact NSA.