Fencing Competition

14th February 2024


Main Sponsor - Bryce Suma Post Drivers - Timber Sponsor - Robertson Timber - Wire Sponsor - Tornado Wire


The competition is to erect a section of high tensile stock netting approximately 60-70 metres in length, with two end straining posts and a slight turn towards one end.

The aims and objectives of the competition are to demonstrate and establish professional standards for the erection of high tensile stock fencing at NSA Scotsheep 2024

The NSA Scotsheep Fencing Competition is a rare opportunity to see Scotland’s professional fencing contractors pit their skills against their fellow competitors and demonstrate the advantage of good quality fence erection.  The two-man teams will have three and a half hours to erect the high tensile stock fence. 


The event will provide all fencing materials, including netting, line wire, barbed wire, and timber as well as staples, fasteners, nails and other requisites within the finished fence. No wire joining accessories will be allowed.  All wires must be tied and joined using knots.  A full specification will be provided before the event.

Tools - Competitors are responsible for providing all their own tools.

Please note only handheld tools will be permitted; this includes petrol driven augers and chainsaws but excludes all vehicle mounted equipment.  No competitors will be allowed to use a chainsaw unless wearing suitable safety clothing.

Erection time – 3.5 hours will be allowed for the erection of the fence.

The competition will commence at 10.30am and will finish at 2.00pm


Closing Date for Entries:          Friday 5th April 2024

Entries are limited to a maximum of eight teams of two and if oversubscribed a ballot will take place immediately after the closing date on the 5th April 2024, and all entrants advised of the ballot and whether their application has been successful or not, by email.

Entry Fee:                                      £20 including vat.

Entry fee includes two competitor entrance tickets, breakfast, and lunch vouchers.

An invoice for the entry fee will be sent by email to the successful applicants and should be paid by cheque or by BACS by return.


Prizes are 1st £300, 2nd £150, 3rd £50

The winning team will also be presented with a trophy and Bryce Suma Pinch Bar.

A schedule and entry form can be downloaded on the righthandside of this page.

Entries close - Friday 5th April 2024

Further Information is available from:

Euan Emslie, NSA Scotsheep 2024 Organiser - Tel: 07902 540985 Email: euanemslie053@gmail.com