Tornado Wire Fencing Competition

Check back soon to enter.

As competitors gather for the return of the popular Tornado Wire Fencing competition, judges will be keeping an eagle eye on all manner of fencing skills required.

The competition is to erect a section of Tornado high tensile stock netting approximately 60-70 metres in length, with two end straining posts and a slight turn towards one end.

The aims and objectives of the competition are to demonstrate and establish professional standards for the erection of high tensile stock fencing at NSA Sheep 2024.

The Tornado Wire Fencing Competition is a rare opportunity to see professional fencing contractors pit their skills against their fellow competitors and demonstrate the advantage of good quality fence erection.

Teams of two will have three hours to erect the high tensile stock fence.

Points will be awarded for work carried out above and below ground, and while it will be a race against the clock for those after a win, competitors must also make sure their quality standards don’t slip.

Points will be awarded for underground work, fence line and tidiness above ground and overall impression.