NSA Grassland Trail

Time: Running throughout the day

Location: Any stand marked with a green clover logo around the showground

The future is grass

Intensive, extensive, regenerative, organic, short-term leys, permanent pasture, species rich swards, herbal leys ... The options when it comes to grassland are incredible. As input prices skyrocket, use the NSA Grassland Trail to explore ways to optimise grassland for your sheep flock.

Look out for the green clover logo on stands around the showground. There’s no need to start in a particular place, go in a set order or visit every stand.


Watch the clock

The only Grassland Trail elements at a set time are the seminar (seminar tent) and two workshops (Avon Hall).

9.45am (repeated at 1.05pm) Workshop: Why multi-species are right for your farm. Germinal explores the environmental and production benefits of herbal leys, taking away the mystery of knowing where individual species work best.

11.45am. Workshop: Importance of understanding forage, mineral and trace element levels on your farm. Agri-Lloyd explains the value of forage, mineral and trace element reports to identify issues and allow opportunity to correct deficiencies that are reducing performance.

12.15pm. Seminar: Is grassland our salvation for carbon capture and nature recovery? A session looking at future land use and whether carbon sequestration in sheep-grazed grassland can achieve as much as mass forestry and other suggested alternatives. Chairman: John Lloyd, NSA. Speakers: Robin Pakeman (James Hutton Institute), Sarah Wynn (Adas) and John Pawsey (Suffolk sheep/arable farmer).


Are you a consultant or someone offering advice to sheep farmers? If you’re a member of the Register of Sheep Advisers, look out for stands with a QR code next to the green clover lead stand, scan the code and answer the questions that appear to collect RoSA CPD points. Answer the questions on a minimum of four stands to collect four points. Not already a RoSA member? Sign up today at the RoSA stand in Avon Hall. Also head to the RoSA stand for a meet and greet with RoSA advisers – at 10.45am and again at 2pm.


This Grassland Trail has been created as part of NSA’s involvement in the EU-funded Erasmus E-organic project.

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