Animal Health and Welfare Pathway

Time: 3:05pm – 3:50pm

Location: Workshop area A

Join Defra to learn more about the Animal health and Pathway (the Pathway) scheme due to launch autumn 2022. 

The Pathway will push forward and support the gradual and continual improvement in farm animal health and welfare. For many sheep farmers, the first step on the Pathway will be the Annual Health and Welfare Review. Which will fund a visit from a vet of your choice to discuss health, welfare, biosecurity, and medicine use on your farm, and test for priority endemic diseases starting with anthelmintic efficacy test in sheep. Next year, farmers will be able to apply for grants to co-fund capital investments to support the delivery of the published health and welfare priorities. This will include smaller grants, where farmers can select from a list of equipment and technology items and larger grants, for bespoke infrastructure projects such as new housing and building upgrades, this will be followed by Endemic Disease Eradication and Control Programmes and a Payment-by-Results trial. 

The Pathway and the Sheep Health Pathway Programme will be discussed by Defra Directors, Industry lead, Senior Vets and the Q&A session will be led by the Directors themselves. It offers a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and get answers straight from Defra Directors. So, what are you waiting for, come attend to find out what is in it for you!