NSA Sheep 2018

General Conditions and Information

For all exhibitors

  • Exhibitors to submit stand applications by Friday 2nd March 2018.
  • Exhibitors to book sufficient trade stand space to provide for display material and pens of sheep, if required. No stand shall exceed the booked depth or width of the stand requested.
  • Exhibitors to be aware that the maximum height for indoor stands is 3m (10ft) and that all indoor stand space will be on clean, flat concrete.
  • Please note NSA does not gain access to mark out the site until 8am on Monday 16th July therefore no exhibits to be placed before 11am on Monday 16th July, the site will be open until 8pm to allow for this inconvenience.  Exhibits can be placed from 9am-7pm on Tuesday 17th July. There will be no vehicle access to stands after 8am on Wednesday 18th July. See notes below on exhibiting sheep.
  • No exhibitors to arrange their stand or place signs in a manner that obstructs the light or inconveniences or disadvantageously affects the display of any other exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors to furnish their stand with a fire extinguisher.
  • Exhibitors to be aware that stands cannot be removed before 5pm on the day of the event, but to be cleared no later than 10am on Thursday 19th July.
  • Exhibitors to remove refuse from their stand; refuse bags will be provided.
  • Exhibitors to be aware that trestle tables and chairs are not available for hire from the Three Counties Agricultural Society or NSA. Please contact RDW Exhibitions on 01939 260350 or Robin Hatfield on 01905 453429

For exhibitors displaying sheep

  • All sheep to be declared as maedi visna accredited or non-maedi visna accredited at time of booking; if the booking is unclear stands will be placed in the non-MV area.
  • All sheep to be treated with a scab-approved product in advance.
  • All sheep to be in place before 7pm on Tuesday 17th July for a veterinary inspection that evening.
  • All sheep to be provided with appropriate bedding, feed and water; NSA does not provide this and there will be no straw available at the showground. Water standpipes are available on site. Hurdles are provided by NSA if booked in advance; these are 5ft in length.


  • National Sheep Association will not be responsible for any accident, damage or loss, however caused, that may occur to any exhibitor or to animals, articles or property brought onto the site. NSA will not be responsible for any actions or expenses on account of or in respect of any such damage or injury caused. All exhibitors must have full third-party liability insurance and, if requested, supply proof of this to NSA. All exhibitors indemnify NSA from any claims made in connection with the exhibitor’s staff, equipment, display, animals or vehicles.
  • If for any reason whatsoever NSA Sheep 2018 has to be cancelled, 80% of your stand fee will be returned.
  • If for any reason you wish to cancel your stand application, 50% of your stand fee will be returned up to 1st July 2018 on return of all tickets and final information. After 1st July no refund will be given.
  • The decision of the Organising Committee about the interpretation of these conditions will be final. 
  • Payments from outside the United Kingdom will be subject to a £7 handling fee.