NSA and AHDB: Principles of Feeding Sheep

This webinar was recorded as part of NSA's Virtual Celebration of Sheep Farming in October 2020. Join NSA and AHDB to discuss the principles of feeding sheep with Nerys Wright.

Our first webinar of  the two day session of NSA’s October Virtual Event was kicked off by Nerys Wright who grew up on a beef and sheep farm in Wales and joined AHDB after working as livestock consultant at ADAS and a county advisor for the NFU. Nerys has a strong technical background in sheep production (nutrition, body condition scoring, worm control and lameness) and is currently AHDB’s Knowledge Exchange Manager for the South East and East regions. Nerys is a qualified farm animal SQP (suitably qualified person). She is also studying for a PhD in sheep body condition scoring and its impact on flock performance.

Nerys’ webinar ‘Principles of Feeding Sheep’ set the scene for the two days of webinars, we had almost 70 attendees and an interesting Q & A session throughout the webinar. Body Condition Scoring was explained through weaning, tupping, mid-pregnancy and lambing and gave a insight to how important a tool this is to maintain the flock.  We are grateful to AHDB for sponsoring this webinar.

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