NSA and ForFarmers: The Importance of Hitting the Lamb Market at the Right Time

This webinar was recorded as part of NSA's Virtual Celebration of Sheep Farming in October 2020. Join NSA and James Hague from ForFarmers in a discussion on the importance of correct nutrition throughout the sheep farming year.

James firstly focusses on how ewe nutrition impacts ewe fertility and conception and then discussing strategies to finish lambs quickly to hit the peak market. James also provides his Top Ten Tips for achieving the best results:

  1. Know the value of your feed inputs – especially grass!
  2. Identify key objectives ahead of time to ensure data can be compared to estimates
  3. Ensure you have the most efficient growth rate based on the feed you have to hit the early market
  4. Reduce losses between scanning and sale through grazing management
  5. Enhance lamb birth weights through correct feed management
  6. Improve lamb survival through making the most use out of ewe colostrum
  7. Minimise worm and parasite burdens
  8. Check the quality of the creep feed meets the nutritional need
  9. Ensure your ewe is in a good condition ready for tupping after weaning
  10. Finish faster and reach the market to reduce inefficiencies

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