NSA Scottish Region - Lynx in Scotland

This webinar was targeted at NSA Scottish Region members and wider Scottish sheep farmers and crofters to gain information on Lynx in general, why reintroduction is being discussed, the study currently being carried out in the Cairngorms National Park, and to enquire further on matters relating to Lynx. It was also an opportunity for attendees to share their views and concerns which will be included in a report delivered to the project partners (Trees for Life and Scotland: The Big Picture) by Vincent Wildlife Trust (February 2022).

Please note that the presentations delivered do not advocate or oppose the reintroduction of Lynx to Scotland. They were used to objectively explore what is in place in other countries, the possibilities of reintroduction, the use of compensation and other considerations which may be necessary and applicable to Scottish sheep farmers and crofters.

A summary of the webinar, as well as answers to outstanding questions can be found here.