Regenerative farming vs Rewilding: A discussion on sheep in the environment

NSA Chief Executive, Phil Stocker hosted the fifth NSA Breakfast Club webinar which hosted panel members consisting of Chair of Natural England, Tony Juniper, Natural England Head of Agricultural Policy Geoff Sansome, NSA Chairman Dan Phipps and NSA Northern Region Chairman Thomas Carrick. T

he session saw discussion cover sometimes controversial, but important, topics with points made by Natural England recognising sheep farmers concerns in areas such as lynx reintroduction, for example. The hour-long session concluded the solution for the UK is not to rewild the country and import all of its food, but there is a need to have all practical solutions and policy in place to ensure any results from regenerative farming or rewilding are effective, positive and practical for all.

NSA appreciates not all questions submitted before and during the webinar were answered due to time constraints, however both Tony Juniper and Geoff Sansome have kindly agreed to submit a written response which will be uploaded to the NSA website in due course.

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