NSA Welsh Sheep 2019

General Conditions and Information

  1. Ensure that the size of stand booked is sufficient for your stand design i.e. display material and pens of sheep etc. No caravans are permitted under cover.

  2. Exhibitors (outdoor only), who require to dig holes must state their requirements in advance to the organiser.

  3. Exhibitors will be able to gain access to the site for set up at the following times: Sunday 19th May: 11am - 6pm and Monday 20th May 10am - 6pm. All stock must be in place by 6pm on Monday 20th May.
    All stands must beinpalce by 8am on Tuesday 21st May (all vehicles must be removed from site and the gates will be closed allowing no further action). No exhibit can be removed until 5.30pm on Tuesday 21st May.

  4. VISITOR OPENING TIMES – the event is open to the public from 9am to 5pm.  Stands should be staffed at all times.

  5. There will be NO ACCESS to the site between 7pm on Sunday 19th May, and 10am Monday  20th May, and 7pm on Monday  20th May and 7am on Tuesday 21st May.  Security guards will be on duty during these hours.

  6. No exhibitor will be permitted to arrange his or her stand or to place a sign in such a manner as to obstruct the light or to inconvenience or affect the display of any other exhibitor.

  7. No Banners are to be displayed unless they have been booked and paid for with the Organiser.  They must not be placed on the outside of buildings or marquees, or in the way of other sheep breeds or trade stands.  Banners may be displayed within own stand space or as advised by the Organiser.

  8. Each exhibitor will be responsible for the removal of refuse from their stand.

  9. No person, other than the exhibitor who has applied for and been allocated space, shall be allowed to sell or display articles of any description on the ground.

  10. TICKET ALLOCATION – As per details on application forms.

  11. STAFF ENTRY – it is your responsibility to ensure all staff/colleagues have sufficient admission tickets before the event.  Personnel arriving at the gate with no ticket will have to be charged full price to be allowed entry to the event.

  12. The MVA Status of sheep displays must be stated at time of booking.  If not advised you will automatically be placed in the non-MVA area.

  13. All sheep at the event must have been treated with a Scab Product.

  14. All standholders must provide, and have on display, a fire extinguisher.

  15. The event does not provide straw or feed for sheep on stands, please ensure that you bring your usual feed with the sheep. Water is available on site, please ensure you have sufficient containers.

  16. Hurdles are available to hire.  Note of this hire must be made on your booking form.

  17. The sole catering and bar rights have been granted

  18. CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS – Friday 1st February 2019

NO TELEPHONE BOOKINGS. ALL APPLICATIONS TO BE DONE ONLINE.  BOOKING IS ONLY CONFIRMED ONCE PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. Bookings received after the closing date will be subject to space available.


The National Sheep Association (The Association) will not be responsible for any accident, damage or loss however caused, which may occur to any exhibitor or to their animals, articles or property brought onto the site. The Association will not be responsible for any actions or expenses on account of or in respect of any such damage or injury caused. All exhibitors must have Full Third Party Liability insurance and, if requested, will supply proof of current policy to The Association. All exhibitors indemnify The Association from any claims made in connection with the exhibitor’s staff, equipment, display, animals or vehicles.

Every effort is made by the organisers to ensure all stand pitches are the best they can be.  Please remember this is a working farm.