Contact NSA Head Office

NSA Head Office staff are available to take enquiries Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Use these details, or directly contact an individual staff member from the list below. Visit for a staff organogram and a list of which staff members deal with which type of enquiry.

Phil Stocker
Chief Executive
Phil joined NSA in 2011, taking the role of Chief Executive and leading the UK’s specialist membership organisation for those interested in sheep and sheep farming. Previous to that he spent well over 20 years in practical farming and farm management, followed by 15 years leading the Soil Association’s support for its farmer and grower members. Phil’s vision for the NSA an influential and respected organisation leading the UK sheep industry, which is forward-thinking yet maintaining the traditional and cultural aspects that are so valued. Efficiency will be a key part of this future with a strong focus on health, viable markets, and an attractive and healthy environment. Outside of work, Phil immerses himself in things practical and hands on, from coppicing woodland, keeping poultry, growing veg and various building and DIY projects.
Alexandra Abbott
Assistant Bookkeeper
Alexandra works along side Karen Sumner, NSA Finance Officer, to ensure all the financial administrative functions of the association are performed without a hitch. While working across all areas of financial administration, Alexandra takes a particular lead on supporting the NSA regions with finances and budgets. Alexandra’s working hours vary depending on workloads so enquiries by email may not be picked up straight away. For anything urgent, email Karen Sumner in the first instance.
Chris Adamson
Membership Development Officer
Chris’s role is directly linked to membership recruitment and retention, organising initiatives to raise the profile of the association and representing NSA at events and shows. Outside of work, Chris enjoys working with his small flock of pedigree Kerry Hill sheep where you may see him competing at shows and events throughout the country. He is also a keen photographer. Chris’s working hours vary according to the event’s calendar so enquiries by email may not be picked up straight away. For anything urgent, email Fiona Parker in the first instance.
Emma Bradbury
Policy Manager
With NSA involved in so many policy topics affecting sheep farming, Emma’s role in managing and coordinating the association’s work to ensure sheep farmers are well represented in all forums and members are kept up-to-date with new developments and ongoing issues. Outside of work, Emma has her own Cheviot sheep, trains sheepdogs and is part of Trecastle tug-of-war team.
Joanne Briggs
Operations Director
Joanne’s role is to direct and manage the everyday operational functions of NSA, to ensure the professional, effective and consistent delivery of communications, corporate sales, membership recruitment/ administration, research/development, events, activities and campaigns work, including the NSA Next Generation programme. This role sees her work closely with all other members of the NSA team and a variety of NSA partners throughout the sheep sector and beyond. Outside of work, despite being kept busy by her young family, Joanne is a keen baker and runner, and a prolific reader.
Katie James
Communications Manager
Katie’s varied role means she has involvement in most areas of NSA Communications work, raising the profile of the association through press activity and promotion of events and activities. She is also heavily involved in the NSA Next Generation programme and contributes to NSA Sheep Farmer magazine. Katie works alongside Rachel Rose, Digital Communications Officer, in the production of the NSA Weekly Email Update and maintaining NSA’s online presence. Outside of work, Katie enjoys spending time with her young family which often involves working with their small flock of pedigree Ryeland sheep, attending local agricultural shows and events. 
Nicola Noble
Project Manager
As NSA Project Manager, Nicola is involved in managing and delivering all internal and external projects for the association. This includes manging content for Sheep Farmer magazine, delivering NSA’s contribution to various technical/research projects, and leading NSA’s involvement in the Register of Sheep Advisers (RoSA). With her own flock of around 100 ewes, Nicola enjoys combining her research passions with personal interests, while enjoying the great outdoors. She also has two young children in training as mini-farmers.
Fiona Parker
Support & Activities Officer
Fiona is the link between NSA Head Office and its regional network of committees, officeholders and events. She also delivers the NSA Next Generation programme, which supports the future of the sheep sector through young people. Fiona is the point of contact for all general enquiries, well positioned to ensure they get to the right person within NSA’s extensive network. Outside of work, Fiona is a keen sports fan. She also enjoys walking and visiting local agricultural shows and events.
Helen Roberts
Corporate Sales Manager
Helen carries several responsibilities for NSA, splitting her time between working for NSA Head Office and for NSA Cymru/Wales Region. In her role as Corporate Sales Manager, Helen is the person to speak to regarding advertising in Sheep Farmer magazine, sponsoring NSA as a Corporate Supporter, and developing and maintaining relationships mainly between commercial companies and NSA. Helen also organises the national biennial NSA Sheep Event at Malvern. Her position as NSA Cymru/Wales Region Development Officer sees her manage regional activity in Wales and organise NSA Welsh Sheep. Helen has always been actively involved in the sheep sector, annually attending shows and events in pursuit of prizes for her father’s pedigree flock of Suffolk sheep.
Rachel Rose
Digital Communications Officer
Rachel’s role is focused on maintaining NSA’s online presence, keeping the NSA website(s) and social channels up to date, promoting upcoming events, activities and competitions. In addition, Rachel is responsible for designing promotional materials and developing NSA's marketing campaigns. Rachel also works alongside Katie James, Communications Manager, in the production of the NSA Weekly Email Update. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys being outdoors and helping on her small family farm.
Kim Shaw
Association Manager (inc. PA to the Chief Executive)
Kim looks after the NSA Sheep Centre, NSA’s home in Malvern, Worcestershire. This puts all matters concerning the site and the running of NSA Head Office into her care. She is also PA to the Chief Executive and supports the running and governance of the overall organisation. Kim administers P&O bookings. Outside of work, Kim enjoys walking, gardening and travelling as much as possible in her campervan.
Diana Smith
Membership Officer
Diana plays a vital role in the NSA office, maintaining the NSA membership database and ensuring all NSA members receive relevant correspondence regarding their membership subscription in an accurate and timely manner. Diana is also at the end of the phone for any queries relating to membership and processesing application forms. Diana looks after campaigns and all other elements of data management. 
Karen Sumner
Finance Officer
Karen’s role is based at NSA Head Office where she is responsible for all of the financial administrative functions for the association. This includes accounts administration, financial analysis and reporting as well as support for budget preparation when required through the year. Outside of work, Karen is a keen gardener. She also enjoys knitting and spending time with her family.