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NSA Sheep Northern Ireland will once again return in July 2023 at Tynan Estate, Co Armagh by kind permission of Kate Kingan. 

The 2019 event saw a number of successful attractions and competitions return as well as useful seminars and rokshops providing up to date information on the UK sheep sector as well as hands on practical advice.

Visitors had the opportunity to see and compare a wide range of sheep breeds, suitable for both hill and lowland production, while an excellent entry of trade stands brought together examples of just about everything the sheep farmer could need.

This biennial event provides a platform for the industry representatives, breed societies, breeders and companies to assemble and display their products at a single devoted venue. 

To discuss sponsorship options or opportunities to get involved in workshop sessions, contact Event Organiser Edward Adamson on 07711071290 or edward.adamson1@gmail.com

This Year's Speakers

11.30am - Seminar 1: Looking at Soil Health

John Bailey, Head of Agri-Environment Branch at Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI)

There is more to soil health than pHand nutrients, this seminaralso looks at the other requirements for good soil management.


12.30pm- Seminar 2: Multi species leys including herbal leys

Dr Tommy Boland, University College Dublin

A look at alternative swards, their level of nitrogen requirements and the effects on animal performace.


1.30pm - Seminar 3: Getting the best from grass

Dr Elizabeth Earle, Agrisearch

Once you've grown it, don't waste it! try to utilise as much of what you grow as you can!


2.30pm - Seminar 4: Work of NSA

Phil Stocker, Chief Executive, National Sheep Association

NSA has never been busier representing the UK sheep industry - Join Chief Executive Phil Stocker to learn more about its work.

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AB Europe

Animal Breeding Europe (AB Europe) offers a wide range of artificial breeding and associated services for livestock and domestic animals.

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Beltex Sheep Society Visit Website
Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders Association Visit Website
Charollais Sheep Society Visit Website
Clipex Fencing

Fencing solutions

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Texel Sheep Society

Stand 20
Most popular terminal sire. Excellent converter of forage, vigorous lambs, robust, versatile and sought by producers farming in diverse climates. 
T: 02476 696629 
E: office@texel.co.uk 

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Texel Young Breeders Texel Young Breeders

The aim of Texel Young Breeders is to ensure a long term legacy is created that supports and retains enthusiastic and dedicated young people within the Society, as well as to attract new young breeders.

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Valais Blacknose Sheep Visit Website