NSA disappointed by ‘Apocalypse Cow’ for its inaccurate portrayal of UK farming

9th January 2020

The National Sheep Association (NSA) is criticising Channel 4 for its lack of balance and accuracy when portraying UK farming systems in last nights programme ‘Apocalypse Cow’.

NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker comments: “NSA is really disappointed by the programme ‘Apocalypse Cow’ shown on Channel 4’s last night, and the way sheep farming was denigrated. There was no opportunity for the British sheep industry to balance the debate and present the opposing view. NSA stands by its point that sheep farming is one of the most sustainable ways of food production and produces quality meat and fibre from little more than vegetation, mostly grown by sunlight rain and soil nutrients, whilst also providing a beautiful countryside for the British people to enjoy. While it’s not widely recognised at this point, sheep farming is an ultimate form of renewable technology and NSA is very disappointed this was not reflected in this programme.”