Next Generation Area

NSA Next Generation looks forward to welcoming visitors to its dedicated area at Sheep 2022 Details of Next Generation displays and competitions to be held, including the much anticipated Young Shepherd of the year final will be found here as the event draws nearer.

If you don’t get chance to speak to us at NSA Sheep 2022 about NSA Next Generation activity, send your contact details and date of birth (and NSA membership number if you have one) to

NSA Next Generation
• Dedicated website at
• Bespoke advice to young people, including offer of mentors
• Work experience placements and assistance for job seekers
• Match-making service for employment, rental and share-farming opportunities
• NSA Lambing List placements
• Young Shepherd of the Year competitions
• Annual NSA Next Generation event
• Regional meetings and activities
• Sponsorship from regions to attend events
• NSA Next Generation Ambassador programme