NSA and Bimeda: The Role of Key Trace Elements in Sheep Health and Fertility

This webinar was recorded as part of NSA's October 2020 Virtual Celebration of Sheep Farming. This NSA and Bimeda webinar presented by independent mineral nutritionist Peter Bone explores the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of trace element supplementation. 

The webinar covered understanding the role that key trace elements play in sheep (and lamb) health and sheep fertility. The advantages and disadvantages of different forms of trace element supplementation and information on correct technique for administering trace element boluses. Key take-home points are: 

  • Trace elements should only be supplemented because the animals are known to be deficient
  • Blood testing in conjunction with forage analysis is the best way to determine this- also obtaining liver samples is the gold standard
  • Trace element deficiencies impact fertility, thrive and weight gain even when the deficiency is sub clinical
  • Bolusing is an investment and time should be taken to administer boluses carefully and properly

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